garden layering technique
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Lasagna in your garden? This garden layering technique helps your produce flourish

Maximize your gardening efforts by trying this garden layering technique.

A popular gardening trend promises a garden overflowing with fruits and vegetables, if you just focus on the layers.

Horticulturist Sheridan Hansen teaches about lasagna gardening, which is adding layers of organic material as mulch to the top of the soil. The layers eventually break down like compost and supply plants with essential nutrients.

Utah has a very arid climate that can hinder the success of lasagna gardening – without moisture, the mulch layers break down slower and may not supply the nutrients to plants fast enough.

Sheriden suggests using thin layers that break down easily. Materials to use:

  • Leaves that have been run through the lawn mower
  • Shredded paper (avoid shiny paper)
  • Fine compost
  • Soil pep
  • Straw
  • Peat and topsoil should be added to the layers if you are building a lasagna garden in the spring

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