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Laser Therapy for Pain

Dr. John Meadors tells about the Newlife Laser therapy.

The Newlife Laser is proven to relieve chronic pain. Some of the major conditions we treat are headaches/migraines, whiplash, sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain, arthritis, shingles, and neuropathies.

If you are planning to have back surgery, don’t until you come see us. Most of these surgeries fail and leave you in the same pain. We see our patients not having to take their pain pills. We want to see you living Pain Free.

We give you TWO FREE visits to come and try it out. We are confident that our treatment works. Please call our office at 800-PAIN-FREE to schedule your two free visits. Check us out at

Utah Spine and Disc
800-PAIN-FREE (800-724-6373)

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