Laser’s Next Generation: Matrix RF

Mallory Stahl, Master Esthetician from Candessa Surgical and Laser Aesthetics explains how it works.

Candessa Aesthetics introduces the Matrix RF treatment. This is the VERY FIRST of this type of laser treatment in the state of Utah.

-Why have the Matrix RF treatment:

*It targets more aggressively those trouble areas such as: crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes), fine lines on the forehead, wrinkles and loose skin around the mouth, acne scarring and other textural irregularities that can’t be targeted with superficial treatments or products. It also mildly helps with most skin discolorations (sun damage & melasma).

*With only having to do 3-5 treatments spaced 1 month apart, you will see faster & better results than with any other treatment or product.

-Why Matrix RF is better than traditional Fraxel:

*Able to get the results of an aggressive fractional treatment (which includes improvements to skin laxity, fine lines & wrinkles, acne scarring, and other textural irregularities) without the associated downtime of Fraxel or other applications. Downtime with a Fraxel treatment can be anywhere form 3-10 days and includes bleeding, swelling, oozing and wound care.

*Because the Matrix RF is able to deliver a large amount of heat into the target and ablate (or burn) less of the skin on the surface, that means less downtime.

*Even with an aggressive treatment, patients can expect to not have to miss work the next day and any scabbing or swelling that may occur from the treatment shouldn’t be very noticeable even 1-2 days after the treatment.

Call our office today 801-295-9105 to book your treatment. For Studio 5 viewers, for a limited time receive 50% off the Matrix RF treatment. Regularly $450, now $225.
Candessa Surgical and Laser Aesthetics is a medical spa that is located in the office of plastic surgeon Dr.Kjar. Dr.Kjar has had a practice in Bountiful for 25 years. The medical spa was brought in to help his patients with pre and post op skin care. The spa has continued to grow, and as that has happened, we’ve continued to bring on the latest technology.

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