Rate & Reveal: Fondue Pots

Gygi Culinary Solutions’ Heather Smith reveals what the best pots are for the type of fondue you want to serve.

Here are some great pots that are good for everything from oil to chocolate that will be sure to get the guests at your dinner party double-dipping.

Ceramic heart shaped chocolate fondue pot: Perfect for two. For chocolate only, holds about 2 cups. The pot is heated by a tea light so it doesn’t get hot enough for cheese or for meats but fun for a valentine’s dinner. Priced at $9.99

Electric Fondue Pot: probably the best choice if you are all about convenience, heats up quickly and effortlessly, you do need to be careful not burn chocolate in it. With its non-stick interior clean up is quick and easy. Holds 3 quarts. $59.99

Swiss mar Lausanne Copper Fondue Pot: This is by far the most usable pot, comes with a ceramic pot, to use the whole pot as a double boiler, which for cheese and chocolate is the best way to control the heat. This pot works great for oils and meats, cheeses and chocolates. Plus it’s gorgeous!! $109.99

Swiss mar Cheese Fondue Pot: Made from a heavy cast iron, takes some time to get it to temperature, but will hold the temperature the best. It’s a traditional size and shape with its great handle. Works great for cheese, and oils but gets too hot for chocolate. Comes with a retro rod iron stand- $149.99

Rosle Stainless Steel Fondue Pot: By far the Cadillac of all things kitchen, being German made, they are very proud of what they make and don’t skimp or save here, All the bells and whistles plus no canned fuel for this one, its heated through a butane canister and would be the focal point to any fondue party, $345.99

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