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Layer on the graduation leis! Here’s how to make a traditional Hawaiian piece

You can always have more graduation leis!

You’ve seen the way these graduates pile on the celebratory neckwear; it’s like you can’t have too many graduation leis. We’re getting in on the game. We say go ahead and order the traditional fresh floral lei. We’ll help you make a fuzzy one to layer on with it.

Our friend and colleague, KSL News Anchor Ashley Moser, shares the guide to this Hawaiian tradition.


How to Make a Traditional Hawaiian Graduation Lei


  • Amazon variety pack of eyelash yarn, 6 skeins for $15
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • A boba straw
  • 4 ft of 3/8” ribbed ribbon (grosgrain)
  • 54 yards eyelash yarn (usually one entire skein).
  • A second color of eyelash yarn if you wish to double up.


  1. Choose yarn and ribbon colors.
  2. Measure out your ribbon, cut it at 4 feet.
  3. Then you’re going to feed your ribbon through the boba straw, and tape it with a little piece on the other end with about an inch sticking out.
  4. Then you get your eyelash yarn, again I like using two. Take the ends of both and tie a knot on this part of your ribbon. Not too tight so it can slide down.
  5. Ready for the easy part? All you do is wind the eyelash yarn around the straw and gather it at the end of the straw. You don’t want to make it too tight or too loose, I kind of like that candy cane stripe distance.
  6. Now when you gather the yarn at the end of the straw, you’ll gently move that part off and onto the ribbon. You can see it’s got a nice tick pattern.
  7. You just do this for about 30 minutes and you’re done!
  8. To complete, take the ribbon out of the boba straw. Tie a knot with your eyelash yarn. I like to hold it up and space out the yarn, feel for any tight spots and loosen it out. Then tie knots on both ends, then a bow. And you’re done!
  9. With materials, this costs about $7 to make. You can find them selling for $20 online.

Ashley Moser co-anchors KSL 5 Live at 5 with Mike Headrick and reports for the KSL 5 News at 10. Learn more about Ashley here.

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