paper crown

Make this fancy paper crown with basic craft supplies! Here’s the simple tutorial

A crafted paper crown makes for a pretty party centerpiece.

Get some glitter paper and glue and you’ll have the beginnings of a darling centerpiece for a spring soiree honoring any special queen in your life.

Studio 5 viewer Dina Ochs, from Washington Utah, shares her idea for a paper crown centerpiece.

Find more ideas from Dina on Instagram, @5CrownCreations.


How to Make a Paper Crown Centerpiece


  • Posterboard (glitter)
  • Rotary cutter and/or scissors
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Stapler, permanent glue dots and gorilla glue tape
  • Pick of your choice
  • Gems, decorative items to fit your theme and jazz it up as you like
  • Coordinating flowers and 4 bud vases
  • Plate

Dina Ochs is passionate about party planning and creating fun themed events to celebrate life (any excuse to bring people together – especially for a good cause). She is adventurous and focuses her lens on wildlife and nature. Dina currently lives in beautiful Washington, UT with her husband and fur-baby, Jackson.

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