LDS Business College Offers Job Search Tips

If you’re looking for employment right now, you’ll know that today’s job
market is saturated with people like you. Currently, the national job market
reflects an 8.2 unemployment rate. Utahns looking for work face a slightly
better 6.1 unemployment rate.

Your chances for landing a job depend on your preparation, says
WynDunford, LDS Business College Job Developer. He offers the following

1. Get current on your skills. Understand the impact that computer
social media and social marketing have in the job place.

2. Polish your resume. Most resumes today are read electronically.
If your
resume isn’t prepared with that in mind, your chances of coming to the top
of the pile are almost zero.

3. Practice interviewing skills. Learn the questions that will likely be
asked in
interviews, then practice answering them with someone who can give you

4. Learn how to research companies that are going to interview you.
critical to understand the culture you’re walking into. Employers are looking
for someone who fits. And if you identify a company’s problem that you can
offer a solution for, you’ll go to the head of the class.

5. Network, network, network. Let other people help you find your
next job.
Employment preparation is central to the educational experience at LDS
Business College, Dunford said. “We provide a skills-based education in a
spiritual environment. We’re a two-year college that offers associate degrees
and certificates that get people through the educational process quickly and
out into the workforce.” He added, “We prepare our students to enter the
modern workplace at salaries that enable them to feed their families. That’s
the point of a skill. ”

The College’s market-responsive programs include Business Management,
Entrepreneurship, Professional Sales, Accounting, Interior Design, Health
Professions, Paralegal, Administrative Assistant,
Digital Photography, and Information Technology.

“If you come to the College, go through the process, and work hard, we’ll
have job opportunities for you. We have a team scouring the market to find
work for you, and guarantee viable interview opportunities for you,”Dunford

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