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Kevin Weston, with LDS Fitness Network, explains how online health coaching works.

What is LDS Fitness Network all about?
LDS Fitness Network is an online health and fitness resource for people who value the importance of God, family and physical activity. Our goal is to provide accurate and informative tools regarding exercise, nutrition, and other health components that promote a higher quality of life. One of the ways that our visitors are making positive lifestyle changes is by signing up for Online Health Coaching, provided by the fitness professionals at LDS Fitness Network.

How does Online Health coaching work?
Using the power of Skype, phone or email, our fitness professionals can design an exercise program that’s tailored to your specific needs. This is accomplished by meeting with you over the phone or using other virtual tools and finding out what your needs are and what objectives you seek to accomplish. After this initial discussion and filling out a medical history questionnaire, your coach can design your personal exercise program and show you how to access photos and videos demonstrating exactly how to perform the exercises correctly. You will also have full access to a state of the art food logging system to help you keep track of your caloric intake. All this while receiving the accountability and motivation from your fitness coach to ensure that you are reaching the outcome you want.

What’s the next step for people who want to get involved?
Because Online Health Coaching is a new concept for many people and it is something that people may want to experience first before purchasing, we are offering a free 2 week trial for the first 100 people who sign up. No need to provide billing information, just simply provide your first and last name and your email address on our contact page, and you will receive an introductory email within 24 hours. We also have many other great products as well and hope you find us as a valuable resource for your health and fitness needs.

How much does it cost if I want to continue?
Much less than traditional personal training. Our clients pay less for a month of online coaching than most people pay for a single session of traditional personal training! On average, our clients pay about $40 – $45 a month or about $1.50 a day! We have great short-term and long-term plans that fit any budget, without sacrificing quality exercise or program effectiveness.

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