LDS Travel: The Dream of a Lifetime

In addition to your passport and itinerary LDS Travel’s Brian Mickelsen has some foreign travel tips to take along.


The biggest misconception about traveling abroad is that many people think it’s very expensive. Trips to foreign lands are surprisingly very affordable to everyone.

Here are some quick tips that are important to remember when traveling abroad.

1. Register with the US embassy in that country and know their contact numbers

Let embassy know so they can help you in terms of medical or political emergencies or any help you may need

2. Buy travel insurance before you go

a. Buy for the whole trip

b. For personal liability

c. to help with trip cancellations or trouble with airlines

d. to insure belongings

3. Pack light

a. extra bags are invitations to burglary

b. learn how to pack a few versatile pieces

c. include plug adaptors, copies of documents

d. small first aid & sewing kits

4. Pack medicines and a prescription from your doctor

a. it’s harder to bring meds sometime,

b. Keep them with your carry-on luggage

c. many countries have American pharmacies that you can get prescriptions filled

5. Make copies of your documents and leave a set with someone at home

a. include passports, drivers licenses, birth certificates, credit card numbers, emergency numbers and contacts

b. travel insurance and medical insurance documents

6. Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions.

a. petty theft is most prevalent in foreign countries

b. have basic common sense, don’t look too much like a tourist or walk down dark alleys.

c. don’t ask for directions or let anyone get too close

There are some great cruises coming up …

1) Central America’s ancient historical ruins tours

2) Norway – July 13

3) Russia – July 20


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