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Leave the leggings! 4 busy mom outfits that are legging-less, but still comfortable

Busy mom outfits can go beyond leggings and a tee.

Stylish yet comfortable. That is always the goal, but especially for busy moms. We need a style that can move through the day with us, from PTA to practice and everything in-between.

Studio 5 Style Editor Daylan Dove shares how to leave the leggings behind, and has four fool-proof outfit combinations for women on the go.


Outfit Pieces for Busy Moms

Linen Pants, $39.99

Joggers, $98

Jumpsuit, *currently out of stock

Dress, $29.97


  • Love these segments, but would love it if you’d share where every piece can be purchased. Sometimes you show “Old Navy” for the pant but you don’t show where we can find the top. 😫 I couldn’t find where the tee-dress is from, would you happen to have that information?