Les Schwab Spring Tire Sale

Spring is a great time to get your vehicle ready for upcoming road trips and

Randy Schroeder, Les Schwab Layton Store Manager shares spring and
summer safety tips.

After a long winter of being cooped up inside, when the weather starts to
warm up we all like to get outside and plan your summer vacations. With
spring here, it is important to get your car ready for travel, especially when
winter conditions have taken such a toll on the roads and on your vehicle
(pot holes, etc.) Now is the time to take off the snow tires, get your vehicle
serviced, break out the camping trailer, wash your vehicle and put on some
new wheels to get ready for summer.

As the weather warms up and you roll down your windows make sure you
don’t hear any noises or squeaks. If you do, stop by Les Schwab for a free
Pre-Trip Safety Check that includes a brake inspection.

Another great tip for spring travel is to look at your tire tread depth to and
to get your tires rotated. And as you hit the roads make sure your tires are
properly inflated – this will not only help preserve your tires but it will also
help your vehicle’s fuel economy! Les Schwab offers a complementary pre-
trip safety check to help you get ready for the road. This is a necessary
checkup to get your vehicle ready for travel. Our pre-trip safety check
includes: tire pressure and tread depth, visual alignment, brake check,
shocks and battery check, and a free tire rotation – all the steps needed to
ensure proper tire safety on the road.

As you start to plan your next camping, 4-wheeling or site seeing vacation
be sure to stop into Les Schwab to get your vehicle ready for upcoming
road trips.

Our spring sale is the perfect time to take care of your tire needs – just in
time for driving season. We are having our Spring Tire Sale now which is a
great opportunity to get your car ready for travel and to take advantage of
great deals on our most popular tires now on sale.

KSL/ Les Schwab High 5 Recognition

We want to recognize people in Utah who are making a difference in the
lives of others and for doing the right thing
Our motto is “Doing the Right Thing since 1952” because at Les Schwab
that is how we conduct business everyday.

We’re personally committed to providing good, honest service to customers
and being good neighbors, and we love to recognize others who are
making a difference in our community.

We have partnered with KSL to recognize those that are doing good things
—those involved with fundraising, service, charity events – people who do
the right thing and help others without expecting something in return.

To find a Les Schwab location nearest you, visit www.lesschwab.com

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