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‘Less really is more!’ Organize the toy room with 9 budget-friendly solutions

Here are ways to organize the toy room while keeping it functional.

The kids got lots of toys and puzzles and everything under the sun for Christmas, but you can’t find any of it, not in the messy toy room.

Amanda Merrell, from, Toy Testing Sisters, shares organizing solutions to transform that cluttered space into a place of fun and order.

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9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Organize the Toy Room

1. Make Functionality a Priority

Amanda emphasizes the beauty of imperfect toy rooms.

“Nobody has a perfect toy room. The goal is to have a space where your kids can see their toys, and know how and where to put them away. The truth is, less really is more in a toy room,” Amanda says.

Functionality is more important than perfection. Low-profile shelves, storage units, and acrylic clear bins are the building blocks of an organized play zone.

2. Teach Tidiness with the Secret Item Game

“We are big fans of teaching your kids how to pick up,” Amanda emphasizes.

Introduce a fun element into cleanup time with the “Secret Item Game.” Pick an item and the kid who finds it puts it away. Reward them with a small treat or sticker. This game turns tidying up into an fun activity, getting the toy room clean without the usual struggles.

3. Book Organization in a Utility Cart

Amanda introduces a versatile utility cart she likes to use for organizing books.

“It doesn’t take up a lot of space and your kids can roll it around the room depending on where they want to read,” she says.

Think of it as a mobile library!

4. Puzzle Storage in Ikea Cubbies

Turn Ikea cubbies into slotted puzzle organizers. Sliding them onto their own shelf means no more missing pieces.

“We want kids to see the toys that are available to them,” Amanda says.

This simple method keeps puzzles visible and accessible, ensuring that every piece finds its place.

5. Game-Changing Card Game Storage

Card games often end up scattered and disorganized. Amanda says you can repurpose an Amazon photo container into a card game storage unit. Labeled and neatly arranged, it simplifies game time and prevents missing cards. This method of game organization also makes packing up the games for travel so much easier.

“If you’re going camping or on a trip, you just grab this and go,” Amanda says.

6. Stuffed Animal and Barbie Solutions

Contain the stuffed animals with an over-the-door storage unit. This space-efficient solution makes it easy for kids to access their furry friends without creating a mess.

“They can grab their stuffies really easily and it holds so much,” Amanda says. “It doesn’t mess with the door opening and closing, and, they can pick out what they want and put it away.”

You can use this same concept with Barbies, or, Amanda suggest turning an acrylic brochure holder into a Barbie display.

“It can hold eight of them, it looks cute, and it doubles as décor,” Amanda says.

7. Portable Hot Wheels Storage

Handle the Hot Wheels with a 48-car storage case that opens on both sides.

“If you have a kid who likes to tote their cars around from room to room, it has a handle. They can grab the handle and take their cars where they want to go,” Amanda explains.

Its portability and easy access make it a favorite for your little car lover.

8. Lego Minifig Displays

Amanda has a cute way to store and display those Lego minifigs. A minifig display frame holds 28 pieces, and when your child wants to play with them, they can just grab them out. In the meantime, the frame serves as toy room décor.

9. Budget-Friendly Bin Organization

Amanda says you DO NOT have to break the bank at the container store. Target has modular, stackable bins with lids at an affordable price. These bins are perfect for organizing toys, especially if you practice toy room rotation, allowing kids to see what they’re going to be playing with.

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