Less Stress Powersports: ATVs for Kids

Rory Burke with Less Stress Powersports presents a variety of ATV’s especially for your kids, ages 3-14, in colors from pink to camouflage and, best of all, you’ll love all the safety features, too.

Why choose kid-sized ATV’s?

– great to learn how to ride

– have automatic transmission

– it’s a gas and go with larger tires

– remote kill key fob (shut bike down from a distance)

– throttle governors to adjust speed

What are available models?

– Pink Camouflage (110cc)

– Maple Leaf Camo (125cc)

– Green/Black Sporty style

– Kids Dirt Bike (90cc)

– prices $399-$699 for youth models

– Less Stress Powersports gives a 14-day price protection guarantee policy – (shop around 14 days after the sale. If you find a better deal, Less Stress will buy it back or pay you difference)

Less Stress also has accessories, such as helmets, goggles, gloves, storage covers, and they also are a FULL SERVICE dealership with a 6 month warranty on all off-road products and 12 month warranty for on road product.

Less Stress also sells ATVs for Mom and Dad as well as scooters for summer enjoyment. In fact, Less Stress sold over 2,000 scooters this year alone, so when gas prices go up again, a scooter from Less Stress is a great idea.

Less Stress has been in business for almost three years, selling the same models and their track record for quality, reliability and performance can’t be beat. And their stores — located in Salt lake, Murray, American Fork and Denver — provide parts, service, sales and accessories. Watch for more stores opening this Spring.
Less Stress Powersports also suggests that if you’d like to get safety courses for your kids, check online at www.utahohv.org

For more information, go to www.lessstresspowersports.com

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