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Let kids take risks! These 5 strategies will help them build initiative and motivation

We want to protect our kids, but letting them take risks will help them grow.

We don’t like to see our kids doing things that might hurt them. Sometimes we try to save them from mistakes, but learning from them is a big part of growing up. Kids who aren’t taking risks will always be uncomfortable with risk. As parents, we can make sure they learn the lessons that will help them be successful.

Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson shares five things parents can do to help risk-taking kids grow. The first step is simply trust in our kids! Parents can also teach the right way to take a risk. Heather uses climbing a tree as an example.

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  • Loved this segment! I’m going to work on my words and letting my kids take risks. Thank you so much for this information. And Brooke- you look beautiful! Heather- you do too!