LET your children F.L.Y!

Sandra Phillips our home and family living specialist is here to offer some simple solutions.


F→ Face challenges, Face Work

Face Challenges.

Let them experience new things and face challenges to boost confidence, such as gas car, choose meals, clothes, self help, toilet training, self-care, cooking, use own alarm clock, etc.

Instill Work Ethic.

Give them a room or an area of a room, or a set of tasks to be in charge of. It installs independence for later on. Give them “space to fly.”

“…kids raised in clean homes—regardless of their intellectual ability or parents’ household income—stick with school longer and earn more money a adults than those raised with dust bunnies.” (University of Michigan School of social Work)

Give children—

Jobs they can accomplish for their age, like laundry and dishwasher loading.
Show them step by step how to do it. Perfection is not the goal.

Praise them.

“Chores build self-reliance [independence] and self-esteem by showing kids their work has value,” Jane Nelson (author of Positive Discipline).

L→ Little Engine that Could

Books – DVD’s with hero stories given as gifts: e.g. Little Engine that Could

Dream Journal: Have kids keep and record what they want to be and why.

Analyze their natural inclinations and what they are good at—then encourage them in that area.
A written record keeps them “flying in focus.”

Y→ Yellow

Create a happy (yellow or similar) atmosphere in your home through colors, paintings, inspirational posters—that provide positive images and inspire and remind of direction.

Music & Sports: Don’t give up on practices and lessons. Creates discipline and thereby, independence.

One day they will need to “fly on instruments” when parent’s are not there.
You want them to stay on course and reach a solid destination, not crash and burn.


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