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Level up your summer picnics! These 2 products are outdoor eating game changers

These two products solve the biggest problems with summer picnics.

By Lauren Tippetts

There are two major headaches when it comes to summer picnics. Pesky flies, and keeping the food cold. Our jaws dropped at picnic expert Karen Ormsby’s solutions to both of these problems! The first are some sleek looking fly fans that fit right in with your picnic spread.


Fly Fan 2 Pack, $28.99

“There are a lot of different varieties… but these are my favorite for the aesthetics. Put them close to the food and instead of shooing hands, you have the fans,” Karen explained. It’s a gentle motion, so reaching hands won’t get whacked loading up a plate.

The next picnic piece is reusable ice sheets.

FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet 4 Pack. $21.99

Karen keeps a bunch of these sheets on hand. “You stick them in the freezer, they go cold, they’re very flexible… and then, if you don’t want the ice sheet to be seen, just put some pretty leaves on top and move your platter on top of the ice sheet.” No more wondering if that potato salad is okay to eat!

More enjoyable summer picnics are just a few clicks away!

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