Life Care at Home: Heart Health at Home Program

Working hand-in-hand with the patient’s physician, they offer skilled professionals who provide superb and compassionate home care services. They provide skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aid and medical social work within the comfort and security of the patient’s home. They are a Medicare/Medicaid certified agency and provide care under insurance programs. They are committed to quality home health care, serving all of the Salt Lake and Bountiful area. Life Care at Home is dedicated to bringing together people who care with people who need care.

Executive Director Shad Crookston talks about the Heart Health at Home specialty program available.

What sets Life Care at Home apart from the other home health agencies?

Life Care at Home is part of a larger organization dedicated to doing whatever it takes and then some to provide quality home care services for the patients they serve. They have developed several specialty programs to assist us in accomplishing this mission.

What is the Heart Health at Home Specialty Program?

One program Life Care is very proud of is their Heart Health at Home Program. Patients are being discharged from the hospital more quickly these days, which may result in less time for the patient to absorb information about their condition. The Heart Health at Home program is specifically designed for those patients suffering for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). In many instances their lack of knowledge regarding the disease process will lead to multiple re-hospitalizations. This program incorporates nursing and rehab staff in teaching patients and their caregivers to understand the symptoms, treatments, and ways of preventing aggravation of CHF.

What is the primary goal of the Heart Health at Home Program?

The goal of this program is to decrease the re-hospitalization rates of patients with CHF. Life Care at Home staff has experience caring for the CHF patient. Close monitoring of the patient at home and early warning signs of the patient’s condition can prevent an acute episode, illness, and hospitalization. Their detailed patient education booklet contains specific teaching goals for each visit. The national re-hospitalization rate for CHF patients was 26% based on 2007 statistics. The Life Care at Home re-hospitalization rate for the same time period was 8%, well below the national average.

How does this program help you to accomplish your goal?

The Life Care at Home staff teaches the patient energy conservation, proper diet, conditioning exercises, and breathing techniques. Each visit has specific teaching goals. Staffers focus on independence and autonomy of the patient to help them live with Congestive Heart Failure. Staffers teach patients to identify risk factors and understand signs and symptoms that require medical attention. They also teach patients to identify adverse reactions to medications.

Life Care at Home also has a diabetic management program and a stroke program as well. Check out all their superior services by going online to or call (801) 274-1324

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