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3 Life Hacks for Busy Moms

Life hacks are a life saver for busy moms. Save time and money without even breaking a sweat.

Melea Johnson shares her top three life hacks you won’t believe you lived without.

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Best Life Hacks for Busy Moms

Life hacks are designed to make our lives easier. Save money, save time, and do both with some simple tricks.

Melea Johnson gives four of her best hacks that will keep your wallet full and your time well spent.

House Hack:  GE Refresh LED Daylight Bulbs

The average light bulb is a dark yellow color, which can feel kind of drab and dreary. Changing them out for daylight bulbs is an easy way to brighten up your home, and even your mood.

Get them at Target for $7-$14.

Holiday Hack: Glittering Tooth Fairy Money

Ever had a child lose a tooth and catch you without a fun surprise? Take a dollar bill, spray with hairspray, and douse with glitter. Instant tooth fairy money.

Shopping Hack: Shop the Kid’s Shoe Section

A good deal on clothes is a shopping trip well spent. If your shoe size is an 8.5 or smaller, get excited. You can buy kid’s shoes, which are $20-$40 cheaper than women’s shoes. A women’s 8.5 is the same as a kid’s 7, so get shopping!

Workout Hack: Beyond Raw Chemistry Lab L-Glutamine

Scoop this supplement in a smoothie and let it go to work. Take it before and after your workout to fuel your muscles and keep you feeling strong.

Find it at for $20.

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