Lifetree Clinical Research

Liz Haycock from Lifetree Clinical Research is on Studio 5 and talk about how those studies are performed and how you may be able to participate.

What Lifetree Clinical Research Does

Lifetree Clinical Research conducts research studies testing medications so they can receive FDA approval and be sold in the US. They do a group of different studies, anything from recreational drug use studies to test the abuse potential of pain killers, to healthy person studies where they test how the study medication gets absorbed into the blood, to studies that treat chronic pain and more

How can a person participate, and are they compensated?

To participate in a study, participants need to call Lifetree at 801-269-8200. They will go over the available study, what research study drug they’re testing, what your involvement will be, for example, time commitments, and what will be involved in the screening process, and what the compensation is for your time and travel. If you are then interested, they do a phone screen, asking questions about health history and present conditions to see if you pre-qualify. If you do pre-qualify, you are set up with a screening visit at the Clinic.

If someone is interested, what types of studies is Lifetree Clinical Research currently conducting and how do you get involved?

Lifetree Clinical Research is currently looking for participants in a sore throat trial- call them within 3 days of when you get your sore throat, if your pain is moderate to severe. They also have a lower back pain study for people who are treating their pain with prescription pain killers. Soon they will be enrolling in a study that needs healthy volunteers ages 65 and over.

To see the complete list of research projects, go to the Lifetree website at or call (801) 269-8200

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