halloween spider web

Light up the porch with a Halloween spider web! Here is the full tutorial

This Halloween spider web comes to life with twinkle lights!

It’s not just the glow of a jack-o-lantern candle anymore. Twinkle lights have come to Halloween. We’re helping you light up the porch with a signature project using twinkle lights, and string.

Studio 5 creative contributor Kelly Lonnecker created a Halloween spider web that glows!


Build Your Own Charlotte’s Halloween Spider Web



  1. Begin by anchoring a vertical rope line from rooftop (or highest point) to ground. Anchor ground piece about 3 feet from wall to create a dimensional web.
  2. Add a horizontal rope line at the halfway point of the vertical line. Add additional rope lines every few feet in even increments until you have place 6 lines crisscrossing in the center.
  3. Take a small piece of rope and loop it around the overlapping ropes in the center to keep ropes linked together tightly.
  4. Begin to wrap circular web by tying one end of a rope to one of your vertical anchored ropes (start near the center of the web). Loop the rope around each line and work your way around the circle. Be sure to keep the loops tight, but not pull the line out of shape. As you loop the rope, keep it spread out in equal increments from the previous circle. This gives your web a symmetrical pattern.
  5. Continue to add circles of line until your web is full.
  6. Print lettering to spell out desired words as large as possible. Lay out rope along the lettering to size the appropriate amount of rope. Cut rope a foot longer than you think you will need.
  7. Pull out nylon center of rope by working a few inches out at a time. Thread 12 gauge jewelry wire through the empty rope where the nylon center used to be.
  8. Trace your lettering, being creative to loop and connect letters to create one continuous flow of the word. Use hot glue as desired to bond lettering where the ropes overlap. This will give a little added strength to your design.
  9. Attach lettering to web as desired using cotton thread or twine.
  10. Add solar twinkle lights along all the web lines. Twist and wrap lights as needed to secure to rope. Make sure to have the solar charging panel in an area that it can catch light during the day.
  11. Enjoy a little Halloween magic as your web lights up each night!


Kelly Lonnecker has a passion for making all of life’s special moments memorable and beautiful. She loves to celebrate and believes that from invitations to thank you cards, an event can be both simple and stunning! As Studio 5’s Creative Contributor, Kelly strives to inspire viewers to create in ways that are both meaningful and manageable. Connect with Kelly by emailing her at studio5@ksl.com.


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