halloween skulls

Make your own Halloween skulls! Here’s the tutorial using a surprising hardware store buy

Don’t buy plastic Halloween skulls, make your own!

One can of goo from the hardware store unlocks creative possibilities for Halloween enthusiasts.

Emilie Peterson shares how foam insulation was her ticket to making all kinds of DIY skulls in all sizes.

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Keeping busy as a homemaker, mother and grandmother is how Emilie Peterson thrives.  Emilie is known for cooking and feeding everyone, just ask the neighbors.  She is a lover of creative projects, frozen coke, and is absolutely obsessed with Halloween. Married for 30 years, Emilie lives in a small little green valley in Central Utah.  She is blessed with 3 kids and almost 6 grandkids.  (Yay!)  Emilie celebrates two years sharing her knowledge of happy living with Studio 5 viewers.  Find Emilie on Instagram @emiliepeterson.

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  • You were so fun to watch & to see all of your new fun ideas. Your yard is amazing & worth the drive to see it..Great job you’re a natural on television..👀