ghost theme

The ghost theme is huge this Halloween! Here’s how to throw a ‘Boo to You’ party

Of all the Halloween motifs, the ghost theme has our heart this year.

If we had to chose, we would say that the ghost is the mascot for Halloween 2022. This all-white character is certainly showing up to party – with all kinds of themed décor available. The challenge becomes sorting through the options. So we brought forward some of the best ghostly products and DIYs to inspire your party plans.

Graphic designer Risa Baker has done the work and named it all “Boo to You!”

Find more of Risa’s ideas on Instagram, @restlessrisa_risabaker, or on Etsy.


Risa Baker is an avid decorator and DIYer. She loves to plan a party and is cultivating her skills as a graphic designer. Risa is a mother to three, and obsessed with her new golden doodle pup. She lives with her family in Kaysville, Utah. Find Risa on Instagram at @restlessrisa_risabaker, and her Etsy shop at\shop\risadesign.

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