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Classroom Party Plan: 5 ideas that will make any room mom event a success

Hosting a classroom party? These ideas will make it one to remember.

If you’re working with elementary-aged children at all this month, in church or at school, you’ll want to pick up a few ideas from our room mom party plan. It’s your guide to the simplest kind of party with kids. Although somehow – it doesn’t always seem that easy.

Early Education expert, Kelsey Cook shares advice on how she puts together a classroom party.

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From a young age my passion has been school and teaching. I am an elementary school teacher and early childhood education expert. I decided to leave the classroom when I had my first son. I am now a mom of three young kids and have spent the last four years teaching preschool and creating my own curriculum. I created Learning with Kelsey to provide all parents with the opportunity to create an environment of learning in the home and better connect with their young children. You can shop my products at and follow along on Instagram for fun, free ideas @learningwithkelsey. 

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