Lion House Birthday Parties

Let the Lion House throw a pioneer-themed party for your Birthday boy or

Children’s birthdays become a family tradition at The Lion House. For your
child’s birthday come and let us take you back in time to “parlor games”, a
taffy pull and a taste of Salt Lake history. Our parties are for a total of 12
guests (children and adults included) and include the services of a birthday
hostess, all refreshments, cake and ice cream, favors and special gifts for the
birthday child. The Lion House Children’s Birthday Parties are a 2 hour fun-
filled party for children 8 to 10 years old. We play pioneer games, tell pioneer
stories and have an old fashioned taffy pull. A light refreshment plate is
served. A personalized birthday cake is included, and of course, ice cream is
served with the cake! Birthday invitations are also included in the price of the
party and will be mailed directly to your home. The birthday child will be
given a lovely gift from The Lion House and the party guests all leave with a
little treat bag. The party is $195.00 for a total of 12 guests – 10 children
and 2 adults are recommended.

For more information visit www.templesquarehospitali

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