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Little Lucy Jo’s Nursery Reveal

It’s the sweetest spot in any home, and Brooke is revealing the nursery designed for her baby Lucy!

Brooke shares all the details and love that went in to creating this darling space.


Simple & Sweet: Lucy’s Nursery

Brooke calls it the “sweetest spot in her entire home” – and the pictures prove that to be true! At 10-months-old, Lucy finally moved into her own space (after giving her 2-year-old brother Boston the gentle boot!), and we got a look around.

“My approach to nurseries is really simple,” Brooke explained. “It’s a room design they live in for such a short period of time, but it’s a design that I think should celebrate everything wonderful about a baby: the sweetness, the coziness and the peace.”

The color palette is a soft blend of pink and purple, with a lot of airy white in between.

“Pink and purple happen to be big sisters favorite colors, so naturally Emme thinks that was for her!” Brooke joked.

She played up Lucy’s initials (LJ, for Lucy Jo) with beaded monogram letters, artfully centered in a gold glassless frame above the crib.

“I try to find a way to incorporate their name, since that is still such a new ‘love word’ that we’re getting used to,” Brooke said.

She also played up on a nickname – ‘Lucy Goosey Goosey Girl’ – through a custom designed letter board by local artist, Jenny Young.

The handmade talents of other local artists and companies helped complete the room: there’s a chubby finger wrapped rainbow made by Sarah Freeman of Apricot Polkadot, and the watercolor bedding was from Oilio Studio.

Brooke’s favorite corner of the room is the book nook.

“Next to personal pictures, I think children’s books make the very best artwork,” Brooke said. “I put a lot of thought and research into the books we displayed.”

It’s soft. It’s sweet. And it’s oh-so-feminine. Making it the perfect space for little Lucy.

“This room makes me so happy every time I walk into it,” Brooke said. “It seems like the perfect reflection of Lucy’s happy, bright spirit.”



Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

“Prim” Floral Crib Sheet

“Prim” Floral Cuddle Blanket

“Prim” Floral Changing Cover

Pink Star Pillow

White Cloud Pillow

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

“Blush” Crib Skirt

Swan Plush Head

Fiber Wrapped Rainbow, @apricotpolkadot on Instagram

“Lucy Goosey Goosey Girl” Custom Letter Name Board, Joobilee Etsy Shop

Acrylic Floating Shelves

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Photos by Veronica Miehlke

Retro Pacifier

Gold XO Paperweight

Gold/Acrylic Diaper Caddy

Monogram Beaded Letters

Blanket Ladder (vintage)

Gold Frame (vintage)

Toy Box (vintage)

Dresser (vintage, refinished)

Iridescent Pink & White Frames

White Sheepskin Rug

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  • Hi Brooke my Aunt told me she saw my book today on studio5 I am Julie Pyne 😀 (now Francis) and you have met me before I was on Studio5 a few years ago talking with you about Mountainland Technology College the Dental Assisting Program I have Red Hair and I was wearing a salmon pink blouse that day. Funny how life can be so simple, small world. Thanks for sharing it really made my day!