Little Monsters Cookbook

Zac Williams came up with the idea for the book and shares some of his best creations.

Whether aspiring cooks are looking for a fun and healthy afternoon snack such as the tempting Vampire Bites, or a party dessert for sharing like Dusty Old Bones or even an especially freaky treat like the Creature Cupcakes this cookbook is sure to have the perfect recipe. Thirty recipes for werewolf, Frankenstein, vampire, mummy and swamp creature food and desserts are included along with beautiful, full-color photography, cooking and safety tips, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Little Monsters Cookbook is full of great recipes for all kids. Learning to cook builds self-esteem in children and is also critical for establishing a foundation for making positive diet choices for a healthier lifestyle. The recipes in Little Monster Cookbook help teach important developmental skills such as following directions, sequential chronology, basic math and reading while encouraging creativity and imagination.

The recipes in Little Monsters Cookbook are designed to be easy to make with common ingredients so that children can actively participate in the preparation of foods that are fun to make and eat. While Little Monsters Cookbook is fun to cook from all year, the recipes are especially well-suited to Halloween parties. The detailed, color photographs captivate children as they flip through the book picking out their favorite monster creations. The photos also offer ideas to parents and party planners on how to create a monster atmosphere for a successful get-together. Each recipe has a short introduction with fun facts and interesting monster lore that kids love to read.

The author, Zac Williams is also the photographer and stylist. With years of experience photographing and styling food, decor and home entertainment books and videos, he has great ideas for all types parties and occasions. He also educates enthusiasts about photography for better blog and family photographs. As partner of Williams Visual, Zac Williams has been the principle photographer of over 175 decor, craft, and cookbooks for Random House, Simon & Schuster, Gibbs Smith and Sterling Publishing. He has created films and images for national brands such as Coca-Cola, Smith’s Food and Drug, Krispy Kreme, Dean Foods, and Qwest. He is the author of Little Monsters Cookbook published by Gibbs Smith. His second cookbook French Fries will be published in the spring of 2011. Zac is thrilled to give interviews and is comfortable on camera. He lives in Pleasant View, Utah with his wife Aimee, three little monsters and a shaggy dog.

You can find the book at Deseret Book, Barnes and Noble, Hastings, Borders, The King’s English, Amazon, and of course you can learn more at

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