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Live Easter Every Day: How to ARISE and carry these themes into daily life

The holiday doesn’t have to end, you can live Easter every day.

Holidays add sparkle to the mundane of everyday life. But they don’t last longer than a few weeks. Some only last a day. We prep for the holiday, it happens, and then we quickly put away our decorations and we reset for real life. Easter is this Sunday, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Author and speaker Aubrey Grossen believes we can live Easter every day. Beyond just the eggs and bunnies, Easter represent themes of hope and light. And those themes can carry into the rest of your year, even after the Sunday service.


Arise: Embracing Resilience

Aubrey feels that the word “arise” resonates deeply with Easter. It signifies rising from adversity, just as Christ arose after his trials. In the scriptures, Christ often tells suffering individuals to “arise.” Aubrey said this simple word carries profound meaning—it reminds us that we too can overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Aubrey presented us with an Easter acronym for ARISE:

A: An Attitude of Gratitude

Aubrey believes that gratitude isn’t cliché; it’s transformative. When we intentionally focus on the small blessings—the mundane moments—we heal our hearts. Aubrey shared her experience of creating a “sunshine list” during difficult times, celebrating everyday joys like ice cream outings. Gratitude shifts our perspective, allowing us to appreciate life’s simple moments.

R: Remembering God’s Love

Pause amid the chaos of daily life. Aubrey loves to catch the sunrise or sunset daily. These moments connect us to something greater—a reminder of God’s love. And remembering God’s love infuses our days with purpose and hope.

I: Ignite Hope

Aubrey wants you to celebrate others’ victories. When someone else wins, it’s a win for all of us. Aubrey cited an example from the recent “The Bachelor” finale, where a contestant celebrated the winner despite her own loss. Igniting hope in others makes us beacons of light.

S: Making Life Sacred

Sacredness isn’t reserved for grand moments; it permeates our everyday experiences. Aubrey shared how she transformed a broken curtain into a sacred space. By dedicating time and attention, she elevated the ordinary.

“Make it sacred,” Aubrey encouraged, “Everything can be sacred, and your relationships can be sacred, your marriage can be sacred, your memories can be sacred, your home can be sacred.”

E: Elevate Your Life

Surround yourself with uplifting influences. Aubrey’s Marco Polo group—a community of friends and positive voices—inspires her daily. We choose what we consume—whether it’s news, books, or conversations. Elevate your life by intentionally seeking out uplifting content. Aubrey believes that light attracts light, and as we elevate ourselves, we become beacons for others.

Find more from Aubrey on Instagram @aubreygrossen, or on her website- Learn more about her new book, “He Came For Me: Stories of Christ Coming to Modern-Day Women”.

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