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Live far from the grandkids? 5 ways to connect through a phone call besides just chatting

There are more ways to connect through a phone call!

In the digital age, maintaining connections with our loved ones, especially grandkids who live far away, can be both challenging and essential. Long-distance phone calls, FaceTime, or Skype sessions become lifelines, allowing us to bridge the physical gap and nurture these vital relationships.

Dr. Jennifer Cummings offers valuable communication strategies that apply not only to grandkids but to any digital conversation.



How You Can Connect With Grandkids on a Phone Call

Planning Future Adventures: A Bonding Ritual

A meaningful way to connect with grandkids is by proactively planning future activities during your calls. This simple act not only unveils their interests but also imparts organizational skills while building excitement for upcoming visits. Discover how these plans can strengthen your relationship and keep the anticipation alive.

Bedtime Stories: Crafting Cherished Memories from Afar

Create a comforting routine by sharing bedtime stories over the phone. Designate specific nights for storytelling, providing your grandkids with a sense of security and warmth, even from a distance. Delve into the magic of these shared narratives and learn how they weave bonds that can withstand any distance.

Talent Sharing: Fostering Expression and Appreciation

Encourage grandkids to showcase their skills through talent-sharing sessions. From musical performances to culinary endeavors, these sessions become platforms for self-expression and bonding. Explore the joy these shared talents bring and how they deepen the understanding between generations.

Virtual Feasts: Creating Connections Through Food

Transform ordinary video calls into vibrant virtual parties. Order their favorite food, enabling everyone to share a meal, play games, and engage in heartwarming conversations. Discover how these virtual feasts become the backdrop for unforgettable moments and strengthen the family bond.

Deepening Connections: Asking Thoughtful Questions

Master the art of asking thoughtful questions. Grandparents possess a unique ability to pose big-picture queries, fostering profound connections with their grandkids. Explore the impact of these inquiries and how they open doors to meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

Taking Notes: Honoring Their Stories

Show genuine interest by taking notes during conversations. Remembering essential details demonstrates your commitment and interest, making each conversation more engaging and personal. Discover the power of recalling these notes, enhancing the depth of your interactions and creating lasting memories.

Facilitating Adult Conversations: Making Communication Effortless

Navigating conversations with adult children requires an effortless approach. Learn how to make communication easy and pleasant, ensuring your availability and genuine enthusiasm. Understand the significance of adapting your schedule and energy to foster meaningful connections with the grown-up members of your family.

Celebrating Achievements: Uplifting Through Recognition

Use your conversations as platforms to celebrate the achievements and decisions of your loved ones. Acknowledge their efforts and decisions, providing the positive reinforcement they may not receive daily. Explore the impact of these affirmations, uplifting spirits, and strengthening the bonds that tie your family together.

Embrace these strategies during your next digital interaction with grandkids or adult kids and witness how routine calls transform into memorable, heartwarming moments. By cherishing these connections and investing in meaningful conversations, you not only enrich your relationship with your grandkids but also leave a lasting impact on their lives. So, pick up the phone, apply these tips, and watch your conversations flourish with love, understanding, and genuine connection.

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