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Be pen pals with the grandparents! Here’s how one woman started ‘Granny Mail’

This woman is strengthening connections with Granny Mail.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the simple act of sending a heartfelt message can bridge the gap between generations.

Kristen Young shares details about her creation for connection: Granny Mail. Her inspiration stemmed from a desire to nurture connections, particularly with her grandparents.

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The Origins of Granny Mail

Being a mother of two high schoolers and two elementary school children, Kristen cherishes every moment with her family. However, she recognized the challenge of maintaining connections with her grandparents.

The inspiration for Granny Mail struck during a family tradition. Every Christmas, her family crafts a calendar for her grandparents, dedicating specific days each month to showing them they are remembered. Kristen wanted to do something simple yet meaningful when it was her turn. She thought to have her family write postcards to her grandma and grandpa.

The service offers a monthly subscription box containing eight personalized double-sided postcards. What makes these postcards truly special is the personal touch – grandparents’ names, whether it’s Mimi, Grammy, or any other endearing term, are lovingly printed on the front. The package also includes stamps and a pen, encouraging families to sit around the table and craft heartfelt messages together.

What sets Granny Mail apart is its reciprocal nature. Kristen recently introduced postcards for grandparents to send back to their grandchildren, fostering a pen-pal dynamic.

Kristen has a creative background, having previously explored the realms of scrapbooking and product design. This creative spirit shines through in the carefully curated Granny Mail packages, providing a delightful experience for both grandparents and grandchildren.

Granny Mail isn’t just about postcards; it’s about preserving memories and nurturing relationships. In a world dominated by screens and keyboards, this heartwarming idea reminds us of the profound impact a handwritten note can have, bringing smiles and warmth across generations. With Granny Mail, families can make meaningful connections, making every handwritten message a memory.

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