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Mother’s Day Gifts by Love Language: 5 ideas for every personality

The best Mother’s Day gifts are personal.

It’s a predicament we face each year. What to gift that woman in your life to show her how much she truly means to you. We are turning to the five love languages to guide our gift-giving efforts with something for every personality.

Tesla Welch broke down these categories with suggestions to help us share a gift that hits the mark for our moms.


Receiving Gifts

It doesn’t have to be expensive – it’s about being thoughtful. Florals are a perfect gift to give. Order from a florist, or create your own arrangement with Costco or Trader Joe’s, options that can even break apart and pair with other small gifts. Other ideas include practical items they’ll use often like a tote or bag, jewelry, or of course, treats!

Words of Affirmation

Make a poster or card that lists all of the unique or special things you love. There are many fun printables online that can help share a sentiment. Cards and letters are always special.

Physical Touch

We know the obvious hugs and kisses. But what if they are far away? Sending a nice soft blanket as a gift that represents being cuddled and warmed is a sweet gesture.

Acts of service

We always love the kid’s coupon books or gestures of cleaning or cooking. Send mom off for a spa day or a pedicure for a treat for herself.

Quality Time

Create memories and experience new things with her. Maybe plan a family photo shoot or take a local class to learn a new skill.

Thinking about your mom and the way you can express your gratitude and appreciation in her love language is another way to show how much you truly care.

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