Live Happy with a New Life Plan

Creating a powerful Life Plan is simple and effective to living a more fulfilling and productive life. Author, Connie Sokol explains how to make it happen in three easy steps.

In a nutshell, a Life Plan is a brief blueprint of your ideal life. It’s pretending you’re 95 and looking back on your life and saying, this is what I wished I had done, or become, or experienced. Then writing it down to start living it now. It’s a type of Bucket List but with a connected and more core purpose in daily life.

The Life Plan I teach consists of three parts: a Life Vision (which is a small paragraph stating your ideal life in detail); a Life Focus (one area of that vision you want to work on), and weekly Life Goals (to help you weekly move forward in achieving your Life Vision). Simple, slick, and so enjoyable.

To start, brainstorm buzz words of what matters most to you—healthy relationships, contribute to society in a meaningful way, feeling of joy and purpose in daily life, those kinds of things. Then write them in active sentences, in the present tense, such as “I am a happy, centered, fit, and energetic woman.” Do this with key words from your list of buzzwords and you’ll see patterns or repeaters. To finish, prune out the sentences that don’t completely resonate with you. Keep the sentences you love and put them into one paragraph.

You’ve just made your very own Life Vision!

Now you read it, think about it, and get jiggy with it (or have a brownie and just mull it over). Choose one sentence/life area you want to focus on for a period of time (month, three months). And set weekly goals (one to four to begin with), and get going!

Doing one focused goal a week is also what makes my program different than so many others. This kind of intense action creates a domino effect. For example, last year I made a goal to write and publish one book. I ended up writing and publishing three. And that’s with having a baby, keeping family first, and writing when they napped or at night (when I could stay awake…)

Voila, there you have it—your fabulous Life Plan.

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