5 Ways to Live Life Fearlessly

We all know those bold people who seem to live fearlessly. It may feel unattainable, but with a few principles, you can be that person too.

Carly Hazen shares some ways to live life with less fear so you can become more daring.

Find the book Carly mentioned, “Be Fearless,” here.


Fearless Living: How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

People who seem bold and daring and courageous weren’t born without fear. In fact, they are usually just as afraid as anyone else, but they have learned to manage their fear differently. They have learned how to leverage it. Fearlessness isn’t the lack of fear, but the courage and strength to overcome it! Here are five key principles to leading a life of breakthroughs and purpose. Use them as a call to action to encourage all aspiring change makers to overcome fear, take bold risks and live lives of urgency.

Understand Fear

It’s important to know how fear works, that it is hardwired into our nervous system and therefore impossible to shut down. But fear is meant to warn and protect NOT scare and prevent. It’s not an enemy, it’s your ally. It can guide you through high-stakes situations and ensure goal achievement. Don’t let your thoughts exacerbate fears by making them seem scarier than they really are. Fear is healthy, dread is not.

Observe Fearless People

Connect with as many role models as you can, either in person, through a book or online. Fill your brain with images of what you want your “future self” and “future life” to look like.

Be Willing to Look Stupid, Fail or BOTH

Once you are willing to risk the emotional pain of making mistakes, you will shed more fear than you ever imagined. Making mistakes and not getting so discouraged that you won’t try again is crucial. Failure isn’t the opposite of success – it’s part of success.

Take Action Despite Fear, Not Because of it

Ultimately, what determines the outcomes you achieve in life are the actions you do or do not take. Fearless people strategize, they plan and over prepare and evaluate their actions. They know when to push and when to pull back- they are aiming be fearless, not reckless. They know what risks are worth taking and which ones to avoid. Understand your tolerance for risk!

Replace Fear with Gratitude

Whenever you feel fear, try to feel grateful instead. I have been public speaking a great deal recently, and it is scary!  Instead of freaking out, I have decided to be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people, and possibly help them with their career aspirations. Focus on how you can provide a service, improve a problem, make a process or situation better – then go after it 100%.


Carly Hazen is a Principal Recruiter for Prince, Perelson & Associates specializing in Finance, Accounting and Legal disciplines. She joined PPA in 2003 and works with both privately-held and public companies in the areas of financial services, banking, venture capital, mining/drilling, manufacturing and medical device. Carly also continues to partner with top law firms and in-house legal groups to identify and deliver top talent. She received an MBA from Utah State University in 2003 and received a BS from the University of Utah in Communication/PR and Marketing in 2001.

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