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Workout gear under $30 that will get you excited to exercise

By Lauren Tippetts

If you struggle with the motivation to keep up an exercise routine, picking up new workout gear can give you a little boost. No more thinking, “Ugh, time to head to the gym. I could just skip one day…” Instead, you’ll be saying, “Yes, time to hit the gym! I can try out my new gym bag!” Don’t believe us? We’ve got five products that will give you that extra push.


1/4 Inch Non-Slip Yoga Mat, $25.99

A good yoga mat can make or break your floor workout. Not thick enough, and your knees will be aching from all those bird dogs. This mat is non-slip and a quarter inch thick. That’s plenty of thickness to save your joints.


Gym Bag With Shoe Compartment, $20-$35

Whether your swimming, running, or lifting, you need a way to haul all your workout gear around. This is the ultimate gym bag. It’s got a shoe compartment in the bottom, and plenty of space up top for anything and everything you take to the gym.


Embrava Sports Water Bottle, $15.85

When you finish a lap, or a set, a good guzzle of water is about all you can think about (at least, that’s how it goes with us). This sports water bottle boasts fast water flow, and a leak proof lid! Toss it in that gym bag of yours and you’re good to go.

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Workout Crop Top Tank, $15

Okay. This tank though. Working out doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. This workout top is the perfect blend of cute and functional. It will keep you cool, and keep you looking cool, all at once.


High Waist Yoga Pants, $10-$25

Yoga pants. Need we say more? Okay, we will. Pockets: check. High waist: check. Not see through: check. Plus, there are tons of colors to choose from. And, may we say, these pair nicely with that crop tank!

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