Look Slimmer in Photos

For anyone self-conscious in front of the camera, Photographer Danial Silva from PicCouture has the “PicSlimming Tricks” for you.

A simple, but very important trick to get rid of the double chin. Leaning forward slightly from our hips is the saving grace. That small change will make a huge difference.

Create a ‘S’ Curve with your body or/and a ‘V’ Shape with arms or legs. This helps form shape and curves to a body. It can help give a slim look

This the Main Trick! We see this every day in magazines, and red carpet events. Every celebrity knows this trick. Put your weight on your back leg, bend your front leg, turn hips away from the camera, turn shoulders parallel to the camera. Then put your arm down on your leg or up on your hip. The final touch is to lean slightly forward.

If we cover or crop it out of the image… you never know!

PicCouture is a Family Studio that makes a conscious effort to keep current styles in all their Pics. Backdrops are changed throughout the year, and furniture up to date. PicCouture welcomes all guests to make each session unique, personal and individual. You are welcome to bring fun ideas and props to each PicShoot. Our photographers are creative, fun, and well trained. ​​Look at our PicGallery here.

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