The Photographer’s Travel Bag

Less is more when it’s time to pack for vacation, which can be hard when you have a big camera and lots of lenses.

But Photographer Jami Edman says you can get away with carrying these three travel must-haves.

Travel with a bag that does not look like a camera bag – less chance of being stolen. Love the Tenba bag from Pictureline…comes in Grey, blue, orange, purple- can show sample from Pictureline! Has a place to hold your camera, a few lenses, and your laptop.

Bring the one lens that does it all! On my vacation, I brought the 24-105 4.0L lens. Goes wide angle and also can zoom in. I love this lens and it is the one I keep on my camera when I travel. Great lens to rent! -That is what I did 🙂

Lots of memory cards. Why more? Because if you lose one card you are only losing a few of your pictures. Whereas if you had all of your pictures on a 16GB card and lost that card at the end of your vacation, you would lose ALL of your photos. 4GB cards have worked great for me.

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