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Mel Creative Co.

Love List: These epoxy letters are a mesmerizing add to your playroom

The glitter and colors of these epoxy letters have us falling head over heels!

If we love it, we list it! The Studio 5 Love List is our opportunity to share our most favorite products with you, in the hopes that you’ll love them too! This add goes straight to the playroom.

These glittery, colorful alphabet letters are an Etsy find. They were made by a mom who needed to keep her kids busy, and epoxy resin letters were the result! She has several different themes, all made in an adorable fashion.

Get them for $25 at www.melcreativeco.com.

Mel Creative Co creates and sells handmade epoxy resin letters, numbers, and shapes. They believe that learning doesn’t have to be boring and that toys can promote developmental learning in a fun way. 2020 has allowed us all to spend more time at home with our kids, which led Mel Fonda, the founder of Mel Creative Co to brainstorm new ideas and projects to create for them. She stumbled upon epoxy resin products online and thought how cool it would be to turn it into an educational tool/toy. These can be used in countless ways; play with them in the bath, add them to sensory bins, stamp them into playdough, teach kids letters and sounds, practice spelling words with them, solve math problems, or play matching games. Once Mel made her first set, new ideas came pouring into her mind and she decided to turn it into a business so others could fall in love with these little letters like she had.

Mel Creative Co products can be purchased on their website melcreativeco.com. They come out with new designs and collections every 1-2 weeks, and can be seen on their social media pages, @melcreativeco on Instagram and Mel Creative Co on Facebook.

Need specific ideas on how to play? Click here to watch a video!

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