faux flower pot

Love List: Add a faux flower pot to your porch that requires no upkeep

This faux flower pot gives you the look of real blooms without the upkeep.

This Love List addition may find its way outside or even inside your home. Avoid the maintenance and clean up this fall. Instead, use fake flowers to decorate your autumn themed front porch.

It was recommended by Producer Harlee Frodsham who was inspired by her sister-in-law to buy it. They won’t die, there is no upkeep, and they add the perfect floral touch to your home. The fall colors make it even more fabulous. The color we’re wanting is called Red Orange, but they’ve got a lot of options – blue, pink, and purple to name a few.  These fake plants can add a real, fun, full look to wherever you place them.

Find them here for $30-$35 depending on the color.


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