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Love List: We’ve found the perfect pool bag for Summer 2022

It’s a seasonal staple we try to hunt down every year – this year, the perfect pool bag found us!

We love to share what we love, that’s why we have the Studio 5 Love List!

BRNG Bag started because owner Jacqui McMahon wanted a reusable bag that’s good for errands and everything in between.

“We all need to ‘bring stuff’ in life,” Jacqui said. “As a Mom of 3.  I was looking for a large reusable utility tote to carry to any event or activity that wasn’t boring…nothing against the Ikea bag!”

It was important to Jacqui that the bags be both fashionable and functional. Each tote is made from an all weather woven durable material that can be wiped clean; the bags are sturdy enough to hold their shape. They also fold completely flat which makes them easy to pack in the bottom of a suitcase.

From the grocery store to the park…from sports games to the beach, this bag is destined to be your new summer companion.

For more information go to brngbag.com or @brng.bag on Instagram.

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