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Love List: Moms are buzzing about a new children’s book about the life of Jesus Christ

This new children’s book is a beautiful add to your Easter book shelf.

You typically don’t want your children touching precious keepsakes. But two moms have published a beautiful hand-painted storybook about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ that they hope will find a home in children’s hands. This new children’s book is the latest add to the Studio 5 Love List.

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The New Children’s Book About the Savior’s Life

“Savior: The Story of Jesus Christ” was released in 2021, but is getting growing attention from moms who want more family-friendly religious resources. Book author Maddie Daetwyler and illustrator Kindal Ridd are two such moms.

“So much of the literature out there is digital art, which serves a purpose,” explained Daetwyler. “We wanted to come tougher to create a book that connect kids in a different way, and invites them to spend time internalizing the art and the words.”

Written in a rhyming narrative, the book follows the progression of the life of Jesus Christ – from birth to death. The text is illustrated by hand-painted watercolor imagery, with muted colors and just enough realism to be relatable.

The style of the book’s cover is unique, as well. The textured watercolor paper with gold foil offers a tactile experience for little hands. The portrait orientation communicates that this is a special book – but a touchable one.

“I have an olive wood statue of Christ in our home, and I’m always saying ‘don’t touch that!’” said Daetwyler. “This keepsake of Christ is meant to be touched, held and taken in.”

There is a softcover, washable version available, too – meant to withstand even the most excited toddler.

“We want kids to feel like this is something special that is for them,” Daetweyler said.

A second companion book is expected later this year.

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