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Love List: Keep your Stanley mug from spilling with one tiny gadget

How many times have you spilled your Stanley mug?

Today’s Love List revolves around that favorite tumbler of yours that’s probably in your hands right now! Many of us are, dare we say, emotionally attached to our insulated Stanley mug. They keep our favorite drinks cold and refreshing for those summer sunny days. They are practically perfect, but they sometimes spill, so here’s the solution.

It’s called the quick cup fix. It’s a stopper specifically designed to help you enjoy your bevys with a lot less spill. It comes in two pieces that you can easily install, and the quick cup fix Instagram account has clear instructions on how to install it. It’s a very simple, effective, and inexpensive find.

You can find out more on their Instagram @quickcupfix. Get a pack of two for $13 on their website

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