just the marshmallows

Lucky Charms, but just the marshmallows! Grab a bag (or 3) of your favorite cereal treat

You can get a bag of just the marshmallows in Lucky Charms!

By Lauren Tippetts

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, master of mixes Maegan Brown whipped up her Magic Cereal Mix. It includes all the colors of the rainbow, and… Lucky Charms marshmallows, of course. You can let your kids sort them out for you, but Brooke piped in with a hot tip: you can get a bag of just the marshmallows!


Lucky Charms Just Marshmallows 3 Pack, $27

Make things a little simpler and just pour a bag of mallows into your snack mix! Plus, we’re willing to bet the cereal pieces are the only thing left in your box of Lucky Charms. Skip the picking and just splurge on the marshmallows… you know you want to.

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