Mad About Plaid

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone shares why and how.

Plaids communicate a dress scale. From tailored to casual, certain colors and scales of plaids communicate levels of a dress code:

1. Red, navy, cream and black plaids are more tailored, can be more dressy. These plaids can be worn more casually as well.

2. Pink, chocolate, purple, green, and bold blue plaids, are more casual. Should not be worn dressy.

3. Bold block plaids are more casual

4. Small block plaids are more dressy

Plaid is a pattern and the size and scale of plaid you wear should be considered by looking at your bone structure. If you have small bone structure, choose small blocked plaid. Medium bone structure can do medium or small blocked plaid. Large bone structure can do medium or large prints blocked plaid. If you go outside of what is flattering for your bone structure, the plaid will wear you instead of you wearing plaid.

Color comes into play through coordination or complementation. Plaid should be an accent off of a sea of neutral. If you choose to wear a jacket that is plaid, everything else should be solid and neutral in color. This principal applies to ALL plaid accessories or items of clothing. Too much of anything is never a good thing. This is particularly true of plaid. If you are going to wear plaid, USE MODERATION. It should be an accent piece. Plaid pants are a big no-no this season (they probably will come back in a few years). Instead, opt for a skirt or dress.
In scouring the malls and boutiques, I have found some reasonably priced accent pieces that will help you enjoy the trend without breaking the bank.


Wear a plaid shoe, but never a plaid boot. Again, too much plaid can look overwhelming and unflattering. A peep toe accent is perfect to capture this trend without overdoing it. Let it “peek” out from under a sassy pair of jeans or a neutral color slack. Depending on the style of shoe, you can wear plaid casually or dressed up a little. However, by the sheer nature of this pattern, it can never be formal. It is too busy and bold to be considered formal. Don’t spend a fortune here as this is a trend that will cycle within the next year.
Holly’s Plaid Pick: Plaid Shoe from Forever Young, $25.99


Always a wise investment to embrace a trend without breaking the bank. Again, if you carry a plaid purse, that is ALL the plaid that you should be seen wearing. Don’t feel like you have to perfectly match your clothing. If you are wearing blacks, and greys, a brown plaid will COMPLIMENT nicely. Red plaid can be accented to chocolate, navy, cream and grey. Don’t try to pair it with another red. Use it as an accent, not as a matchy-match. Pink plaid is more casual than traditional red plaid and navy plaid and should be noted as such. It can be worn with reds, purples and all the neutrals.

Holly’s Plaid Picks:

• Blue plaid purse from, $55.00

• Brown and red plaid purse from, $38.99

• Pink plaid , cream, red and black plaid clutch from, $22.00

Shopping Tip: Look to as well as you can find some fabulous plaid handbags in all price ranges.


A scarf is always a nice accent whether it is worn with a coat or with a long sleeve tee shirt. Again, this should be the accent piece and should not compete with other plaid or patterned items.

Holly’s Plaid Pick: Charlotte Russe Purple Scarf, $12.00


Coats are always a fun way to show off a new trend. Wear a neutral color scarf to accent.

Holly’s Plaid Pick: Papaya Plaid Coat, $37.99

MAD ABOUT PLAID: Tailored Jacket

Belt a jacket at the waist to bring forward into the trend. Wear with neutrals but pull an accent color out of the plaid and wear it to make the accent color pop. For example, if you choose a brown plaid and it has a faint red thread woven throughout, pull the red out by wearing a red shirt underneath. This can also be done wonderfully with the faint yellow thread throughout a traditional navy plaid.

Holly’s Plaid Pick: Express Jacket, $99.00


This is one of the best ways to show off the trend as it keeps focus at your face. Assess your personal coloring to determine if cool colors or warm colors are more flattering, and then choose a headband accordingly.

Holly’s Plaid Pick: Claire’s Headband, $5.99

Holly Stone is a regular contributor on Studio 5 and also the owner of the local style and image company “Your Image, Your Way. With 19 years experience in the industry, Holly founded this company on the philosophy that refining your image can give you the confidence you need to live life to its fullest. Your Image, Your Way is a full-service image management company that can enhance your style while remaining true to your personality. Services include:

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