Made in Utah: Sassy Crafting Connection #2

American Crafts is the leading name in quality crafting products, and they are
always coming out with new, trendy items. Grant Madsen with American Crafts
shows what products will be on your store shelves this Spring.

DIY Thickers

Creating your own Thickers is simple. Peel away the adhesive cover, sprinkle
Wow! Glitter, Spark! Tinsel or Pop! microbeads and brush away the excess.
Voila! A sparkly, fun Thicker perfectly paired for a card, layout or school

AC Glitter Tape

Add sparkle and glam to projects with easy-to-use, tape-on glitter in a variety
of colors.

Cutup Cartridge Trimmer

This trimmer features interchangable rotary blades–each with its own
design– that are a snap to swap. Rotary blades cut thicker material and are
more accurate but are usually hard to change. Cutup cartridges each feature a
different pattern – straight, scallop, or perforated edge — and click in and out
making them safe, versatile and fun to use.

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