Make Every Moment Count: Five Ideas to Bring the Family Together

When it comes to planning the perfect party, or family gathering, you could say Jill Grover wrote the book. In fact, she wrote five of them. But Jill’s favorite parties aren’t with outside guests – they’re with her own family. This local author and designer share five ideas to bring the family together and ways to make every day . . . a party!

The S’more Stash

Keep an organized basket full of chocolate, cookies, marshmallows and hand clean up. . . everything you would need to create S’mores at a moment’s notice! Eating S’mores is a great way to get the family together and a great way to communicate. We play the communication game by having each person in the circle say a NICE one-sentence remark about everyone else in the circle…then (if this goes well) we add more communication questions.

Yummy Money

We have a cupcake bank that we keep extra change in. Everyone in the family contributes… and then randomly, whenever someone gets the urge, they take the money and buy something yummy. The rule is everyone has to be home to enjoy the treat. Another rule is you cannot spend more money than what is in the cupcake bank… but you can put leftover money back in the bank for the next use!

The Entertainment Bucket

Features items like play dough (for a quick game of Pictionary, but you have to use play dough!). Also hoppy taws and sidewalk chalk, water ballons, towels, etc. I switch the content seasonally to keep things new and exciting.

Pictures & Memories

A nice way to get your teenagers to visit and communicate is to put photo albums out of fun pictures of them growing up…. This is always a for sure way to get the family to laugh and share great memories. I create fresh books to put out every few months, so that they are constantly seeing new photos.

Colorful Conversations

We have a set of colorful ice cream bowls… depending on which color you get then you have to answer the questions:

YELLOW – What do you like to do?

GREEN – Favorite snack or food.

PINK – Share a memory or something that makes you happy.

BLUE – What is something you are afraid of?

Jill Grover is the founder of “Jillie Willie,” an online boutique that features fun, funky aprons and other clothing items. She is also the author of five books including “Throwing the Perfect Party,” and “Dime Store Decorating.”

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