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Make-Your-Own Candy Kabobs: Here’s the formula for the perfect combo of sweets

Break out the sweets for a make-your-own candy kabobs station!

This is a creative project that shows off the sweet side of July’s signature color scheme. As we start to prepare for our patriotic celebrations, we’re putting all of the best red, white, and blue candy on a kabob! It’s a “fun mom” move! You can pull these out at the parade, during the fireworks… or lay them out for assembly and make the treat an activity.

Aubry Bennion has perfected the candy kabob. She says the key is to pair the sweet, sour, and novel candy to make it flavorful and visually appealing.


Where to Get Best Red, White, and Blue Candies:

  • Eddie’s World – (a southern California stop with a huge selection, but unfortunately, no website)
  • WinCo Foods – bulk isle
  • Five Below – unique selection
  • Jolley’s Corner, – lots of curated options
  • Target/Walmart – for all the usual candy that provide a base to the candy kabob

Aubry likes to create a few candy kabobs in advance to display and share for inspiration, but the fun is in laying out a tray of options, like a candy charcuterie, and let people build their own creations. Simply provide skewers and let guests add their own sweet treats.

Aubry Bennion (@aubryeliz) is a PR and communications professional by day and an equal-opportunity project tackler by night, weekend, and every minute in between – in her home, the garden, or at her craft table. She delights in using color in bold and unexpected ways, especially in a world that’s trending more beige every day.

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