Make these cute paper airplanes for a kid’s room with colored paper

It’s a kid’s bedroom makeover on a serious budget. Simple, folded colored paper make up the focal point!

Laura Hatch shares how she installed these colorful paper airplanes in her son’s room.

Project Corner How-To:  3-D Paper Airplane Art

1.       Select colored cardstock in four colors.

2.       Cut to about three each in three sizes.

3.       Fold basic paper airplanes.  Click here for a tutorial.

4.       Make an array of varying sizes and colors.

5.       Tack on the wall with standard office push pins.   Mount with the underside of the plane showing.

Laura’s tips:

  • Mount with push pins that match the paper so they are somewhat camouflaged.
  • Use the same folding pattern for each plane.
  • Be patient and persistent when folding cardstock.  Consider using a bone folder or some other tool to press the folds.
  • Arrange your planes as a fleet, all headed in one direction.
  • Mount inside an imaginary border or shape.  This will give a cohesive feeling and best aesthetic.

If you want to connect with Laura, find her on Instagram @larshatch


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