Make Your Bed In Style: Layer By Layer

Studio 5 Contributor Tausha Hoyt shares some fun, unexpected tips & tricks to pull off a picture perfect bed without the high price tag.

Throw pillows, shams and more throw pillows
Ok-I realize that everyone is probably not like me. They DON’T have a shelf or two in their linen closet that is dedicated to extra throw pillows and shams. I have a solution for that. Do you own a pillow or two that could be “turned over” for a different look? Now don’t freak out when I tell you this but, shop the DI, thrift stores and yard sales for throw pillows and shams. I only buy extremely good condition used pillows. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across brand new pillows at the DI or yard sales. When it comes to pillow shams, I find brand new King size shams at the DI all the time. All you need to do to make these work is to use 2 regular pillows and do a little tucking. You can’t even tell.

Accessorize your pillows

Look around the house for pillow accessories. Belts, necklaces, scarves, or even scrap piece’s of fabric. If you still can’t find what you are looking for-make your own. I love the fabric rosettes for many reasons. They are cheap and easy to make and they can be temporary. I just pinned some rosettes on one of my pillows. I used an old skirt that was hanging up in my daughter’s closet to make another ruffled pillow. NO SEWING INVOLVED! I also wanted to add another element to my little girl’s room with some fabric. I just cut the flowers out of fabric, glued them to some batting and liquid stitched them to the sham. I also added some buttons and ribbon.

Create Layers with Texture
When you look at pictures of bedding, they always have lots of layers. Or at least they look like they do. Use more than just the one comforter on your bed. If you have a 2 sided comforter, even better! Look around your house. Do you have a tablecloth that would match your room? How about a table runner? Don’t have anything, head to the thrift store. I just wash everything in HOT water if it’s from the thrift store. The DI is a treasure trove of afghan’s and quilts. Plus they are much cheaper than if you were to try and find the same thing in the bedding section at Macy’s.

Think outside the Bag (the bed in the bag)
The bedding that you get in a set is great, but it’s just a little too matchy, matchy. Mix up the set with some things that you already own. When you make up your bed, think about adding different patterns, textures and colors. When I buy a new quilt or comforter for my bed, I make sure that it is a neutral color. I do this because it is much cheaper to add the trendy colors or patterns with pillows or throws. If you need a new bed skirt or you are just tired of the same one that you have, mix it up a bit by using the unexpected.
Tablecloths, curtains, shower curtains or even burlap make great bed skirts. I have some links to some great “make your own bed skirt” tutorials on my website. Walmart has fabulous 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that are yummy! The $40 price tag for a queen set is not too shabby either.

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