Make Your Own Baby Food

Shelley Marshall discusses which foods to offer for balanced nutrition, how to know which foods to combine and equipment for food preparation.

University of Utah Lifelong Learning Instructor Shelley Marshall gives hints on how to prepare your own baby food – especially using organic products — with these suggestions:

Why organic baby foods?

Better for the environment (less shipping and packaging)
Fresh is more nutritious
Usually less expensive

Supplies You’ll Need

Fork and spoon, blender, steamer or pot, glass jars, ice cube tray and rice cooker

First Foods — 4-6 Months

Bananas, cooked sweet potato, avocado
Simply mash with fork and put in glass jar for 1-3 days’ worth. The rest can be frozen

6-12 Months

Brown rice mixed with the above

Mash up a wider variety of ripened fruits



½ cup rice cooked and blended

1 ripe fruit mashed or blended

1 veggie steamed and pureed

If you have too much, freeze in ice cube tray


1 cup beans

½ steamed and pureed carrots

1 mashed sweet potato

Over a year

You can easily incorporate soft foods with meat or fish such as meatloaf (be careful of fish with mercury).

Safety issues for babies

No cow’s milk for first year

No honey until after a year old

Choking hazards: No popcorn or dry foods, sticky foods or clumped foods

Always buckle your child in high chair

… and don’t forget a drop cloth under the chair!

Visit for a more complete list of helpful holistic tips or attend the “Make Your Own Baby Food” class at the Lifelong Learning program at the University of Utah. Class will be taught Monday, October 12, at the Annex from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. To register call (801) 587-5433

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