Makeover Your Bar Stools

Turn your typical, saddle-style bar stools into custom upholstered beauties!

Blogger Wendy Hyde with Shabby Nest shares her simple tutorial to makeover bar stools on any budget.

Supplies needed:

Wooden Bar Stools

Staple Gun with Staples

Foam (approx. ½ inch thick)

Quilt Batting

Upholstery Grade Fabric

Spray Adhesive


1. Cut foam to the size of your bar stool seat. Foam can easily be cut with sharp scissors.

2. Use spray adhesive to attach the foam to the seat. A light coat on the seat should do the trick.

3. Cut quilt batting into a rectangle approximately 3″ larger than seat (or large enough that you can wrap the fabric down around the seat sides and over to the bottom.)

4. Place seat upside down on top of the batting and wrap each side down around to the bottom – creating tight hospital corners at each corner and wrapping carefully around bar stool legs – and staple underneath the seat.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with fabric.

Tips: Do not be afraid to use several staples.

Be sure the fabric is pulled tightly around the bar stool seat so that is doesn’t pucker on the top of the seat.

You may want to cut away excess fabric at the corners of the bar stool before you staple it on to create smoother, tighter corners.

Try to get staples as close to the legs as possible to create a tight fit around each leg.

*This project was inspired by a similar project found at

Wendy Hyde is an interior decorator and DIY/Home Décor Blogger at The Shabby Nest She loves to share ideas for making home a beautiful place to be without breaking the bank!

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