Paint Stick Table Runner

When it comes to Pinterest, are you a doer, or do you simply repin other people’s projects and admire them from afar? All week we are taking those pins off the computer screen and seeing them come to life in our Pins to Projects Series!

Michelle Virtue from Campus Craft & Floral shares instructions to pull off a paint stick table runner!

My Pinterest boards represent a vast spectrum of failed attempts, splendid discoveries and longing for more free time to create, bake and decorate. Several months ago, I pinned a table runner that I thought was adorable. It had character, required very few supplies and it could actually be finished–a bonus on my DIY list!!! Finally, spurred by this Pinterest assignment, I gathered my supplies. Honestly, this project was a pleasure from start to finish. It has inspired me to pull out my paint, glue gun and sander more often–to feel the thrill of crafting in my hands and glitter in my toes!

My inspiration came from this pin
with the original post at

Supplies Needed:

Paint Sticks (get the thick ones from Home Depot–about 35-40 will easily do a 6 foot table)
Sand Paper
Paint Brush or Roller
Hot Glue/Glue Sticks
Carpenter Wood Cutting Friend or a Miter Saw

I followed the instruction closely–right down to the paint color. LOVING the bright yellow. It was fun to experiment with different patterns and colors. The possibilities are endless. You could make this as large and as colorful as you want. In fact, I think this project could be really dramatic as a wall treatment–imagine a small accent wall covered with these little beauties.

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